My Brain Lies at the Intersection of Creativity and Analysis

I recently started an Internship with an awesome software company called Lumiary. One of my responsibilities is to write blog posts for the company's website. While doing research for one of the posts, I stumbled upon an article that resonated with me personally. The title of the article is, "10 Things Creative People and Data-Driven People Have in Common." 

In the article, they show the following venn diagram: 

This is not only a venn diagram, but it's also my brain. 

If you've had a chance to look at my resume, you'll know I worked as a financial and accounting analyst at a financial software company before starting my career in advertising at the Brandcenter. Working in finance, and previously majoring in finance, made me use the part of my brain that makes me analytical. For example, at Primatics Financial I analyzed data in Excel documents that reached the last row of Excel (Yes, there is a last row, it is row number 1,048,576). But now that I practice advertising, I'm constantly working on creative solutions to brand problems. For example, I recently helped find the future strategy of Progresso. And sometimes, I get to mix both. Like when I was at Zeus Jones, I created an Excel platform to quantify and analyze supply and demand of web content, which helped create use always-on content for a global CPG brand. 

What does this mean for my future? Well, right now it means I have a direction to take my career that gets me excited for life after school. I plan to solve business problems with these combined strengths to provide brands' visions for years to come.